A letterbox, also known as a mailbox is a repository for collecting incoming mail at a private business or residence. Letterboxes are available in various basic designs as seen below.

Leasing a Letterbox

Are you thinking about leasing a new letterbox for your home or business? Perhaps you’re confused and don’t know where to begin. Read on to learn more about it. 

How much will you pay for your letterbox?

The cost of leasing a new mailbox in Australia varies depending on your requirements. However, on average you’ll pay between $120 and $1,000 per year. The cost of letterboxes in Australia has been rising steadily over the years and currently stands at $139. Plans are underway in the country to upgrade the current letterboxes.

With this upgrade comes a discounted amount. If you book your letterbox before 31st March 2021 you’ll pay a total of $134. Take advantage of this offer to enjoy discounted prices before the authorities raise the charges. 

Why the difference in cost?

The cost variance is affiliated to various factors as seen below. 

If you need a specific letterbox number for your home or business and are willing to pick the next available number. This approach can be likened to acquiring number plates for your car. 

The size of your preferred letterbox depending on the number of incoming mail you anticipate. It’s important to be logical when choosing a letterbox. Remember, the smallest can be so small such that only a few letters can fit inside.  

When you should pay renewal fees? The post office in Australia has an early bird offer which allows small discounts to users who pay their renewal before the 31st of March every year.  

Remember, you’ll be subjected to an establishment fee for every new customer. If you’re making your very first letterbox application, you’ll pay a one-off fee of around $30. It’s important to consider this fee when budgeting for your new letterbox.

Depending on the type of mailbox you choose, you may be forced to visit the post office regularly to collect mail. The visits will be more frequent if it’s a business mailbox. This can be a little taxing, especially during busy or off days. This is where a home-based letterbox becomes ideal. In this case, the mail is delivered straight to your home or business.  

Should you get a Letterbox? 

We are living in a digital world where advanced mail delivery techniques seem to be overtaking mailboxes. Still, letterboxes remain some of the best forms of mail delivery in some instances. Whether you want a letterbox for your home or business, having one can be critical.

Discuss your needs with a post office representative near you and they will recommend the most suitable.