Top 7 Reasons You Need a Parcel Letterbox and Where to Buy Your Parcel Letterbox in Australia

Top 7 Reasons You Need a Parcel Letterbox and Where to Buy Your Parcel Letterbox in Australia

Find out where to buy your parcel letterbox in Australia with HandyBox.

Are you constantly missing Australia post parcel deliveries? Are you tired of making trips to the post office to collect parcels? Are you searching for ways you can securely receive parcels at your home?

There are many reasons why you would want to buy and install a parcel letterbox at your home, and we have put together the top 7 reasons you need a parcel letterbox and where you can buy the best parcel letterbox for your home.

With the convenience of online shopping, you find a real inconvenience of having to wait around at home for the postman or courier to arrive, only to find they left you a collection card to go pick-up your parcel from your local post office. It really does impact that whole experience and with our busy everyday lives, sometimes finding the time can be hard and that’s why Handybox has come up with the top 7 reasons you need a parcel letterbox at your home.

Secure Home Parcel Letterbox

#1) A Secure Parcel Letterbox for Parcel Deliveries
Not all homes have a front porch or a safe place for the post man to leave your parcel. With Handybox Parcel letter boxes, you have a secure pin-code access so when the post man arrives and drops your parcel in the parcel box, no one can get to it without your pin code!

#2) No More Trips to the Post Office for Parcel Collection
Did you know that Australia post considers many areas as “high-risk” and even if you have asked for them to leave it in a safe place, sometimes the postman courier won’t leave it in s a due to the suburb or area you live in. By installing a parcel letterbox from Handybox, you can do away with trips to the post office!

Large Parcel Letterbox for Home

#3) Weatherproof Parcel Letterboxes
There’s nothing worse than having your parcel delivered and soaked in the rain or left out in the sun. With Handybox Parcel Letterboxes, you can enjoy parcel deliveries all year round with a weatherproof design to keep the sun rays and rain out. No matter the weather, parcel letterboxes are design to withstand any season.

#4) Stylish Designs and Workmanship
If you buy a parcel letterbox for your home, you want it to match your home frontage and design. That’s why you can choose from a range of different styles and designs to suit your home. Checkout our full range of parcel letterboxes to see which design is best for your home.


#5) Quality Parcel Letterboxes Built to Last
You want to buy a parcel letterbox and now you need to work out which one to buy and where to buy it from. The last thing you want to do is purchase a parcel letterbox that doesn’t stand the test of time – it’s just not something you want to replace each year. Handybox offers Parcel Letterboxes that are built to last and offers industry leading warranties for your peace of mind.

#6) Customise Your Parcel Letterbox with a Custom House Sign
Don’t let your postman or courier spend a minute looking for your house number. With Handybox you can buy a parcel letterbox and also purchase a custom house sign to match. Find a range of quality custom cut house numbers and signage to match your parcel letterbox at Handybox Australia!

#7) The Era of Online Shopping and Parcel Deliveries
We’re living in an era of online shopping and getting parcels delivered to your doorstep should not be hard or a tedious task. Busy life, at work, visiting family, out grocery shopping, dropping the kids off – you are busy and when you shop online, you do it for convenience. Keep that convenience going with a parcel letterbox from Handybox. Australia’s favourite Parcel Letter Box and Custom House Signs!

In today’s modern world, online shopping for everyday essentials, technology and gadgets, fashion and homewares are part of our everyday life. Who doesn’t love the convenience of being able to browse and buy all the things you want and have them delivered to your doorstep?