Are you tired of going to the post office to collect your parcels?
Are you getting your post man to hide your parcels behind the pot plant?

Australia's #1 Parcel Box Delivery Solution

Convenient letterbox with multiple streamlined designs
100% Weatherproof with UV-resistant paint and rainproof compartments
Theft-proof including a secure pin lock on your mailbox

How does it all Work?

Get all the convenience of a post office box without having to go to the post office… and never miss another delivery! Handybox is Australia’s secure letter and parcel box capable of accepting deliveries from any company.

A one-way compartment allows parcels to drop down into a secure compartment below in the letterbox. Handybox is completely weatherproof and theft-proof, so you can rest assured that your parcels will be waiting for you when you get home.

Handybox comes fitted with a pin lock, allowing for flexibility and convenience for your mailbox – and no lost keys!

At Handybox, we know that not everyone is a DIY person. Handybox comes with clear, simple installation instructions and four anti-theft bolts that can be fitted to the bottom of the box.

Still not convinced? Drop us a message and we can recommend installers in your area.

Handybox: it’s more than just a letterbox.

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